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dvocate Rashedujjaman Rashed

Rashedujjaman Rashed is one of the top young lawyers from Nilphamari having years of experience in the legal industry. Rashedujjaman Rashed is a well-known lawyer holds LL.B & LL.M degrees and practicing in various courts in Nilphamari. Rashedujjaman Rashed is a distinguished lawyer from Nilphamari with certain specialization in law such as Divorce, Matrimonial dispute, Civil law, Cheque Bounce, Narcotics, Consumer Protection Law, Banking etc.

Adv. Md Rashedu Jjaman Rashed

District and Session Court, Nilphamari

Legal Services We Offer

Practice Areas

We offer a full range legal services across a broad spectrum of practice areas that includes Divorce, Consumer, Criminal, Banking, Property, Accident. View All Practice Areas


I can resolve challenging criminal cases very carefully and sensitively.


well experienced and able to offer the best support in the civil law area.


I handle every critical land-related case with customer satisfaction.

Cyber Crime

I know the Cyber World well, so I am excellent at evaluating these situations.


Family law matters, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence cases.

Cheque Dishonour

I am here to support you, and you don’t have to think about your business cases.


I help clients navigate complex tax laws to minimize liabilities and maximize returns.


I provide legal support to businesses of all sizes in the corporate sector, including contract drafting and negotiations.


I provide legal services for the corporate sector, specializing in company law.

Affidavit Service In Saidpur Nilphamari

We provide the best affidavit and notary service in Saidpur Nilphamari.


I provide legal counsel for labour cases, protecting workers’ rights and ensuring fair treatment in the workplace.


I specialize in tort law, representing clients who have suffered harm or injustice due to the actions of others


Research 99%
Communication skills 81%
Customer Service 100%
Drafting 90%
Analytical 85%
Time management 100%
Creativity 90%
Case Studies 90%
Teamwork 50%

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