If you’re considering a career with us, whether as an experienced lawyer, an assessment trainee, an intern, or support staff, please follow these guidelines:
Lawyer/Assessment Trainees: To apply, send an email to with your name, PQE, and your desired field of law in the subject line, and attach your CV.

Internship: To apply for an internship, take these steps:


Submit Your CV: Email your updated CV to . Highlight your academic accomplishments, relevant skills, and any prior legal experience.


Include the Following Information: Provide the following details along with your CV:


  • Educational Qualification: Specify your highest level of education completed.
  • Year of Completion: Mention the year you finished your education.
    Current Year of Study: Indicate your current academic year or level of study.
  • Preferred Month for Internship: Let us know when you’d like to start your internship with us.


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